Hello world! This is my personal page!
By viewing it, you will learn more things
about me and my work and also my history and actions.

I am Dimitris Stefanakis

I am Dimitris Stefanakis


Hello! My name is Dimitris Stefanakis. I am 25 years old and i live in Athens, Greece. After i finished school, i had some years in Agricultural university of Athens but then i’ ve changed my mind and moved to another university to study about Computer Science. Learn more about me below!

I love programming

I love coding and making apps. I have studied by myself for a year and then I changed university to follow a path as close as i could to programming! Also i like participating in seminars.

Chess player

I play chess around 20 years so far. I have played both for fun and for competitions through the ages. I am also part of a team, and have worked as a chess teacher for begginer adults and kids.

Nutrition and food

I like to choose my food and live healthy so i study food and nutrition sciences for some years now (for hobby). I am very confident about that, and i am a vegeterian for over a year. Also i exercise a lot.

Delivery boy

My primary job is a part time delivery in a fast food/coffee shop. Not much to say here hehe!